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I can hardly contain my excitement.

Well, ever since my partial program ended last week, I've been very bored... I spend my days cooped up in the house. I go out sometimes to take walks but that's basically it. It doesn't help that my funds have diminished considerably. I can't really afford to go into Boston. :/

I REALLY wish were back at school with my friends. Even though I don't like tests and papers, I miss being a student. *sigh* But I guess I'm still recovering.

All I can do now is do my best to take care of my business. I've been making phone calls. Yay.

And now for something completely different! Owl City rox my sox off and blows them down the street for like a bajillion miles. 8D His songs make me all happy inside. :3 That is all.

I'll be seeing you. I hope to be active again soon or else I'm gonna go crazy. D:

Tesh : )