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Hey y'all, Tesh here. Sorry for not writing in a while. I'm too busy to write in my normal Journal too. :/ A lot has been going on.

ANYway, I've seen all of my friends by now, and am liking my classes. I joined Publishing Club too. I'm having a pretty good semester so far. :D I'm nervous about graduation, but I'll be ok.

Last Wednesday was the one-year anniversary of an extremely sucky day. I'm doing my best to not think about it. 'S all I can do. *nod* It's sad, I still wish we could be friends. Yet I made a lot of mistakes. I'll try not to write about it in my lj anymore because it just comes off as emo, obsessive drivel. I have my private Journal to write about anything.

Mm, can't think of much else to say. Class is gonna start soon, so cya. :3

Tesh :)