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Heart on stick must die, Version 2.0. :/

Two years ago I wrote my "famous" "Heart on Stick Must Die" rant. Heh. Well, I feel like ranting again, but you don't have to read if you don't want.

Yet another Valentine's Day will come and go without anyone special to share it with. Woohoo. Y'know, I don't get things. I know I'm a good person, yet no one decent has noticed. Bah.

Eh, Valentine's Day is hyped up anyway. Even a friend of mine who's married said it's overrated. You don't need one day to tell someone you love them. You should tell them that everyday.

I come across as a weird person to guys. I've had very bad experiences where I've been burned. All I try to do is be friendly. So so far I've been no good with guys. Even if I don't like them that way it's hard for me. That's why I'd rather have girl friends. When it's just the gurlz, I'm more comfortable. It's just easier.

Some girls can get bfs so easily. I just don't understand.

Now, I'm definitely not implying that I want a bf just to have one. I'm just tired of being lonely. It was nice having a companion, a partner in crime. :/ But I never want to rush into things again. Ever. I think that was my biggest mistake with my ex.

So again, I consider myself a good person. I'm nice, funny (I think), and pretty (I think...). But I don't have experience in a lot of things, which is probably why this last relationship had to end badly. It was my first. So, yeah.

But my day will come. I'll end here for now. Maybe by next year I'll have a partner in crime. We'll see what the future holds. *hopeful*


Tesh :)