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Much better :)

Hi all.

As you know, I was hospitalized in September. But now I'm starting to feel much better! I've been home since the start of October. I'd say I'm at 95%. :D

My typing and writing motor skills have come back. I'm really happy about that.

It sucks that I can't go back to school til January. :/ But I WILL graduate. I miss seeing my friends and going to classes. :( I've also been looking at potential publishing companies to work for. The future is kinda scary, but I'll survive. :)

I hope to go back to work very soon. I need to start saving money! :O

I'm taking better care of myself now. I don't ever want to be hospitalized again.

Again, please keep me in your thoughts. It's good to be online and talking to people again.


Tesh :)

Bostonian Cosplay Meetups!

Hidey Ho, Tesh here. ^_^v

I recently started a group for cosplayers who live in the Boston area. Anyone from beginner to expert cosplayers are welcome. The goal of the group is to create a network of people with similar interests who can help each other out with their costumes and make new friends too. I hope to have fun with this and hope others are interested.

Additional info is here:


I'm really excited about this. So far 12 other members have joined!

Be seeing you,

Tesh :)

A Strange Encounter.

I encountered a strange old man yesterday. Apparently his name is Raphael something something. He had gray hair and a big scraggly gray beard. His teeth were kinda gross too. He saw me reading George Orwell's 1984, stopped and started talking to me. I was waiting for my route 354 bus home. At first, I thought he was some weird old drunkard. He did smell slightly of booze.

But anyway, he said he used to be a school teacher and stuff and that he loved reading. He asked me a lot of questions, like he was quizzing me, about things like his grandchildren and wife. After a while I was hoping he'd go away. Then he asked me where I go to school. I lied and said Cambridge Ringe and Latin (my mom's old high school actually), making sure to cover the Emerson logo on my bag. Then that got him all happy and he sat down to keep talking. :/

But then he said something interesting about black pearls. Apparently they're the most valuable and expensive pearls in the world. So then my bus arrived (on time, woot!) and I really had to go. Oh, and also, his wife had passed away. I found myself caring at that point.

So then I started to head to the bus and he told me his name. I thought he asked me for mine, so I said “Julia” (after Julia in 1984). Then he shook my hand and started to touch my wrist but I pulled away quickly. First of all we were in broad daylight, and second of all I didn't want him to try anything funny with me. And the final thing I remember is that he's a Vietnam veteran. Then I had to book it to the bus.

Well, it helped me pass the time. What a funny man. I wonder if he was telling the truth or just saying gibberish. Again, I found myself caring at times with some of the things he said. Maybe he was just a drunkard, or maybe... he was an angel in disguise. I know, maybe I'm imagining things. I don't even know why I wrote about this. Huh.

But what is the moral of the story, children? You never know what kind of people you'll meet while sitting on a bench on a hot summer day, reading a book.


Tesh : )

6 Months.

Heya, Tesh here. Sry for not updating in so long. I kinda neglected my lj for a while. o.o

Feel free to not read the following. I'm just putting thoughts down.

*Emo rambling starts here*

Well, it's been 6 months since this break-up thing happened. I still get upset about it at times. :/ Today I finally was in the mood to write in my real Journal after several months, and got my feelings down on paper. That made me feel a little better.

I feel foolish and stupid that I still get upset by this. I guess it shows how badly I was hurt. I can't even carry a normal conversation with him anymore. The "conversations" are punctuated with my "Uhms" and his silence... It sucks. Others wonder why I even bother to try talking to him anymore. I don't really know... I just tried to be kind toward him and it wasn't appreciated.

For a month I was feeling fine about what happened and even had no problems with insulting him. Now I feel bad about that. Eh, maybe he deserves to be insulted. *shrug*

The last time I talked to him I said that I felt like he doesn't want anything to do with me. He said that wasn't true, but it sure feels that way. Maybe he didn't want to hurt my feelings further. *shrugs again*

I wonder if he still thinks about me, if at all. But it doesn't matter. I get the feeling that he doesn't know what to say to me, judging from the silence. Maybe there's nothing TO say. One thing for sure is that he'll never tell me how he feels about stuff anymore. The damage is already done and nothing will ever be the same between us. That fact deeply saddens me.

Well, what now, Tesh? All I can do is hope someone better comes along. Someone who deserves my kindness and attention. Because I know I deserve much better than this.

*Emo rambling ends here*


AX 2009 Con Report! ^_^v

Anime Expo 2009 Con Report!

Ahhh, Anime Expo. I had a lovely time. :) I'm sad I'm home. D: AX was from July 2 to July 5 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Day -1

I had a lot of things to take care of in the morning. Work, passing in something for school, getting home on time, all that jazz. Then my mom drove me back into Boston to take the Commuter Rail to Aarana's place. Got there on time! So we watched some anime and movies. Lupe and her fiance arrived and we had fun. It was great to meet her. :)

Day 0

So, we had to get up earlyyy. We got a ride to the airport, and then checked in. No problems. :D We flew Virgin Air. An AWESOME airline. I liked the tvs in the seats, with touchscreens. Fanceh.

So the flight was fine. We had stuff to keep us entertained. I didn't sleep much the night before cuz I was too excited. It was 6 hours nonstop, both ways. Points go to Aarana. :D

After we got to LAX airport, we saw palm trees for the first time! So we took a shuttle thing to the hotel. I loved the hotel. :) We had 2 bathrooms. Niiiice.

Then we ate at California Pizza Kitchen. I ate a whole pizza. XDD Then we wandered around a bit and people watched. Sadly I forgot my camera that time. LA is a nice city. And it was SUNNY! The weather at home was icky. >:(

So we decided to prereg at the con to save time on Day 1. It was a good idea cuz those lines were like Linecon at AB all over again. x_x They made us stand outside in the hot sun. Fail. Unfortunately, Lupe had a mini-emergency but she turned out to be fine. Phew!

Soo we all got our badges, YAY! I liked the art on them. They were paper like AB's this year, but at least there was art. The program guide was like a magazine, I liked that.

We didn't feel like waiting in ANOTHER line for the event tickets. We were gonna see Morning Musume's 1st US concert. Squeee!

Back to the room we went. We decided to get our nails done, cuz we're girls. XD We googled a salon and went there. It turned out it's a world class salon, but it's cheap. The ladies were so nice. :)

We chillaxed in the room, and then went to bed. We were up for about 18 hours. o.o Time zones are weird.

Day 1

Yay first official day! We got up and had breakfast somewhere, I forgot. Oh yeah- Starbucks. There were no Dunks from what I saw. Then we wandered in LA for a bit. Then to the con!

I cosplayed as Sailor Pluto in the morning, because there was a Sailor Moon gathering. And it turned out a lot of Moonies came! I was worried cuz it was early in the morning. I met Dark Fairy and Summoner Squall from cosplay.com cosplaying as Venus and Artemis (he forgot his moon XD). They were nice.

*Flash flash!* Pics were taken a zillion times as more cosplayers showed up. Squall shot video. We had all 4 Outers! WOOOO! Saturn arrived last, and we were like, “SATURN!!” :) We took pics for an hour. o.o The Usagi in the school uniform was a riot. Meanwhile, Aarana and Lupe were standing in the event ticket line. I scurried over there; they saved me a spot.

*melt* Standing outside in the sun is bleh. Aarana got sunburned a little. :( But Happy Ice Cream Man arrived to save the day! He got a lot of business. Good for him! And I liked talking to people in line. :) I met a girl I wanted to sit with at the Masquerade.

So we got our tickets, finally. The 2 major events we got tickets for were Morning Musume and the Masquerade.

Then we went back to the room. We didn't feel like doing much else. Oh and over the course of the day I changed back to normal clothes.

Annnd, it's important to keep in mind that Michael Jackson's memorial service will be at the Staples Center on Tuesday. News crews were everywhere. Media frenzy AHHH! And it was so stupid- they avoided saying anything about the con. They tried to cut out any congoers in their footage. Losers.

Speaking of media losers, we wanted to watch Anderson Cooper from Anderson Cooper 360 film live from the Staples Center. It said so from CNN. Turned out they filmed from Hollywood because of the con AGAIN. Ya think Fox lies?! YOU LIE TOO CNN! D:<

So we chillaxed in the room, and then bed again.

Day 2

We did a lot more that day than the day before, that's for sure. I went to some panels. I didn't cosplay that day cuz I kinda didn't feel like it. We wanted to see Hollywood and Little Tokyo at some point, but we ran out of time. :(

So the first thing we wanted to see was Morning Musume, so we headed over to the con center to face another line in the sun. D: We had breakfast at a place in the food court in the little mini mall near our hotel. Jovial Man is jovial. XD

The. Concert. Wuz. Friggin. Epic. OMG OMG I saw a famous j-pop group's first US concert!!! I was there! I witnessed it with my friends! It was my first ever concert too. :) No photography was allowed, but that made sense. The girls were so energetic and cute! OMG they were adorable. <3 I got a Morning Musume poster before we went to the concert. They were mostly promoting their new album, Platinum 9, so they sang mostly new songs. But it was awesome. We had glowsticks too. :3 Everyone was screaming and jumpin' up and down and freaking out. It was awesomesauce. Thank you Aarana!!! *hugs even though you don't like hugs XD*

So after all 3 of us dispersed for the first time. Aarana met up with her My Anime List friends, and Lupe ended up going to the room. I called my friend Rachel's bf John and we met up. I hadn't seen him since he visited Rachel in MA a year ago. :) They're long distance. How do they do it? :O It was good to see John.

Then there was a panel we all wanted to go to at 6, but it was switched around. Bummer. So I met up with Lupe and we went back to the room. She got food, I chillaxed and talked online to people. We wanted to see “Whose Line is it Anime?” at 8, so we grabbed the shuttle to the con center. Aarana saved us seats.

“Whose Line” was so fun! I love the real “Whose Line” so I knew I'd like this. The comedians were great! Afterwards I got all their autographs in my program guide. They were so sweet to me.

I had a headache from the concert (totally worth it though) so we went back to the room, chillaxed for a little bit and went to bed. We were tired and our legs hurt. XD

Day 3

I always seemed to be the first one awake. X3 It was our last day because we had to leave early on Day 4. Sadness.

We were Hollywood bound today! We took the public transport system to Hollywood Vine. LA Metro > MBTA. We saw the Walk of Fame. :) We took pics with a few recognizable stars. Then on impulse we decided to take a 2 hour tour. It was worth it. Mickey Z was our tour guide, the only native LA person in LA (so he says, hee). He was so chill (why am I saying that all the time now?). We took pics at the Hollywood sign, and stopped a few other places. We saw all the famous people's gorgeous houses. Grar. Beverly Hills, Belair, expensive store place like Chanel, etc. :)

After the tour, we walked the Walk of Fame to the Metro station. Back to the room- no, home. :)

So the only thing at the con we wanted to do was the Masquerade. I decided to cosplay again. My make up was much better that day. Thanks, Lupe. :DD

So I didn't get to meet up with John. More sadness. But I'm glad I saw him yesterday. :) Instead I walked the con a little, got stopped for pics, yay. :D The Dealers Room/Artist Alley place was closed at 6 again, NOOOOO. So I shuffled over the the Merch dude and kinda begged/charmed him into selling me a shirt. YEEEEESS. But that was my last chance to go there. TT__TT

So I met up with Lupe and we went to the Masq line. Aarana met us after a few minutes. Seating didn't take long. We were in line outside for the LAST TIME. Woot. No misting needed this time. XD

Seating was fine. We got there early, so we sat through some pretty lame preshow “entertainment.” The whole room groaned. I almost shunned away a girl and her sister because I thought I was saving seats for a Line Acquaintance (turned out she was in the row in front of us, oopz). I'm glad I didn't. She was... chill. XD I know that's gonna get annoying, ne ne?

The Masq cosplayers brought the house down. There were 54 very creative skits. Great costumes. :D I don't have a fav skit, but the “On a Boat” parody was pretty sweet. XD I went pretty quickly too. o.o A lot of walk ons, and some canceled ones. I loved the MCs. So I spent the Masq chatting with the girl next to me and my friends. :) I facebooked her.

Back hooome. Shuttled for the last time. Triple sadness. :( We packed with The Princess Bride movie playing in the background. I've never seen it. *hides from flying tomatoes* Hey! D:

Bedtime in the comfy beds one last time. :( Oh yeah, Happy 4th. I did Japanese stuff on America's Birthday. XD

Day 4

There was no Day 4 at the con. :( We had to check out at the hotel early in the morning. Then the shuttle to LAX airport came at 8:10 am on the dot. :3 I waved bye to a shuttle, bye to the hotel, and bye to the con center as we passed it. :( No, I didn't cry in case you were wondering. But I didn't wanna go home. I wanted Momusu's autographs!! *wails* K, nevermind. XD

So now I'm on the plane, Aarana to my right, and Lupe to my left. *sighs* Back to normalcy. Away from the con and my new acquaintances. I hope we become online friends and I see 'em again next year! There so needs to be a next year. I'd go by myself, dun care. XD AX > AB. *traitor* Kidding. :3 No, I'm not. Hee. ;P


AX was a much better time for me, partly because our rooming situation was more organized- less people, less hassle. There were no major problems minus Lupe's but she's on the plane so yay. The con was mello, people were very very chill, I had fun cosplaying, and I saw John. Wish Rachel coulda been there too. :( Dej is jealous that I was at a con instead of her. XD Chiba wished me a safe trip before I left. Arigato.

I also waved bai bai to Morning Musume as the plane took off. :'( *sniff* Wanted an autograph.........

*listening to Morning Musume Sakura Gumi* “Sakura Mankai” is a beautiful song.

Oh yeah- there were so many good quotes that I don't remember them all. Too bad. :/ Lessee... Nope, don't remember. :(

Oh yea...

Day 5

Went to work. Went to skool at 6 pm and home at 11:15 pm. Eat, sleep, rinse and repeat for the rest of the summer. Waah.

That was a joke, btw.

All my pictures are at these links: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=523331&id=1008759828#/photo.php?pid=523332&id=1008759828 (Edit: sorry that that 1st one starts with an actual photo) and http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=26710&id=1008759828&l=5fe73f16ed. I'm gonna make a Scrapbook of Awesome too.

Grand total of pics taken: 409. Amount of $ left: No comment.

Time spent in LA: Priceless. :)

Good lookin' out, y'all!!!!!! <3 Gan gan 3, 2, 1 Breakin Out! ^_^v


Tesh : )

AX Day 2!

Tesh here, reporting almost-live from AX. :D I just wanted to do a quick entry and say I'm having a very good time, the con is mellow, and news crews are everywhere for Michael Jackson's memorial service, which will be on Tuesday. And they're avoiding reporting the con like the plague. XD

A giant con report will come when I get home. :) I've already posted a lot of pics at this link: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=26447&id=1008759828&l=2ecf2f650b Check 'em out!

Happy 4th o' July, too! :)


Tesh :)

Onward Bound to AX! :D

Hiya, Tesh here. ^__^

I never got to mention this- I am attending Anime Expo 09 with Aarana and her friend! Today I'm sleeping over at Aarana's, and then we leave early Wednesday morning!

I'm getting excited!!!

Tesh :DD


Summer Slump Revisited.

Hiya, Tesh here. Sorry I haven't posted in a while...

I’ve been feelin’ pretty exhausted lately. :’( My summer class keeps me out really late at night and I’ve been working practically every weekday. I just want to relax, but I have a lot of reading to do for my class and papers to work on. I feel like I haven’t been taking good enough care of myself. Maybe I haven't been eating well enough, and I’ve been feeling pretty lazy about everything. Ugh, I don’t like feeling this way- not feeling like myself. Maybe I should make a doctor’s appointment. :/

I think I'm having another Summer Slump. :/ Hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon. :(


Tesh : )



Heya, Tesh here.

I’m having a pretty ok summer so far. Been mostly working. My summer class started last week. It’s a night class, so I get home VERY late at night. That’s the only downside. D:

I gotta admit, I do miss the funness from last summer, very much so. …Ugh. Why do I miss someone who doesn’t talk to me?

I try to tell myself that I’m embracing being single. It depends on my mood I guess. Sometimes I’m ok, but then there are other times, like lately, when I start missing him terribly. :/ A friend of mine told me that he doesn’t deserve that- being missed and being thought about. I’m still very sympathetic towards him for several reasons that I won’t post publicly. But, someone else told me that it may be better if we aren’t friends. That makes me sad. :( *sigh* It’s the no closure thing that bothers me the most from this whole situation.

I am aware that I’ve talked about this before. I’m sorry to those who read my lj. D: I just write about things I think about, and this breakup crap is still bothering me even after several months. *sigh*

In other news, I’m thinking of dying my hair red. :3 I’d have to get it done in a couple of weeks cuz I need to get my perm redone first. I lurve red hair, and I’d like it dyed a deep shade of red. ^__^ I’m just not sure if it’d look good, so I’m nervous. <.<;

So that’s all that’s going on at the moment.


Tesh : )


Anime Boston 2009 Con Report!

I would've have this posted a lot sooner (started writing it Sunday), but I got really lazy. XD But I finally finished! :DD


I had just come home from visiting Casey (I had a great time there btw!) so I was already a little tired. By the time I got to my house from the airport it was 2 pm. My ride was going to pick up Aarana and myself at my house no later than 4 pm. To make a long story short though, my mom ended up driving us to the hotel. Then there were more mix-ups over which hotel we were staying in.

Eventually we got to our room, but then there were more problems with exactly how many people were staying with us that night.

All I could think was “FailCon.” :(

I had a hard time sleeping that night, but I was hoping that the next day would be a lot better. It was a very long day.



Since we had so many people, as soon as 1 person woke up everyone was up. Plus Aarana had her “So You Think You Can Dance 'Anime' ” panel at 10 AM. We had an early start then. At least some of our Thursday night roomies weren't staying with us permanently.

I was cosplaying as Micaiah from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. But almost immediately I had a wardrobe malfunction- one of my arm buckles fell off! D: The whole costume was a pain to wear- there were too many components. If I cosplay her again I'd definitely try to make it easier to wear. :( I may not though, sadly. No one really recognized me. At least I had my photoshoot at 11 am I got some good pics taken. Thanks, Meph!

But to backtrack a little, Aarana's dance panel was a lot of fun. It's too bad that her panel description didn't make it to the program guide. :( I'm glad a lot of people came. Who doesn't love random dance offs?

One photoshoot later, I went to help out a little at T.M. Chiba's Cosplay Court Case. It was pretty successful. :D There ended up being 3 cases. I liked the Misty, or “Mansty,” case the most. She (He?) was on trial for killing Optimus Prime with a Psyduck. XD

Right after Court Case I HAD to get out of my costume cuz I was hot and it was just getting too annoying to wear. So me and Aarana, who was cosplaying as Super Sailor Moon, changed into street clothes. It was a relief.

The 1st Sailor Moon photoshoot was at 3:30 on Friday. There were only a few cosplayers, but I'm still glad that they came! :D

It's important to mention, however, that I had barely eaten anything since we woke up. DDD: SO, I ended up getting sick by the end of the day. I went to the AMVs but had to leave early cuz the music was too loud for me. :( So back to the room I went and I fell asleep almost immediately. Thankfully I had good night's rest! :D



Out of all 4 days, I enjoyed Saturday the most. We spent some of it sleeping in. First Aarana and I ventured out for the Artist's Alley. Then we went to change into our cosplays in time for the 2nd Sailor Moon shoot at 2:30. I was Sailor Pluto again! It's too bad I didn't have a staff, but people wanted to take my picture anyway. :D

I loved the Sailor Moon photoshoot! :DDD It was SO nice meeting everyone! We had almost all the Senshi except Saturn I believe. There was another Pluto there that had a staff too. We had the same boots. XD So many people crowded around and took pictures of us. It was very flattering. ^____^

After the shoot we had to get ready for the Sailor Moon panel! Many thanks to the Eternal Sailor Neptune and Hino Rei that helped pass out free stuff and took pics for me.

The actual panel went pretty well, except we had technical video difficulties. At least they got it working, but it really sucked. -___- We gave out a lot of free stuff and had some funny questions asked. I'm looking at you, Chiba. XD

The Masq was earlier this year than last year. It was pretty much right after our panel. o__o So we had to rush right after to get there on time. It was too bad, because people wanted to talk to us after the panel. That was nice of them. ^^

The actual Masquerade was... ok... There were some funny skits and great costumes, but a lot of the skits ended up being Random Dances In Costumes. :( It gets old after a while. The Tetris Ninjas were a big disappointment. After they were done, the Emcee said, “Epic.” But nothing had really happened! D:

The Best in Show ended up being a Sailor Moon skit! YAY!

Speaking of the Emcee, he was really funny. He had a Sailor Moon costume on 3/4ths of the show. XD He's a comedian and had some great 1 liners.

So after that, Aarana and I were gonna go to Extreme Geek, but we needed to get out of our costumes and the elevator lines at the Sheraton were atrocious. >< So we packed up our stuff in the room instead.



Sunday was the winding down day. Aarana went home early, so for a few hours I was wandering around the con by myself getting bored and lonely. D: But luckily she gave me Chiba's gf's number so I left her a message. Then I randomly ran into him and we were heading back her way as she called me back. XD

I went to Cosplay Chess for a little bit with them, but then we left early cuz we were hungry and got a bit bored. D: We stayed for the 1st half. There were some funny moments though. :3

My friend was in Chess as Lacus Clyne, so after the event she gave me a ride home. And so I said good-bye to the con again. :( Went by too fast.


My favorite randumb quotes were:

Congoer: “OMG I love your wand! How'd you make it?”

Aarana: “Ebay!”

-in regards to complimenting her cosplay on Friday. XD

Congoer: “Hey, are you Stalin?”

Chiba: “NO!”

-regarding his Doctor Who cosplay.

Kawaii Little Girl: “It's Sailor Pluto!” *hyperventilates*

-her reaction to me in my cosplay! :D She was so happy when I gave her some free stuff.

Kawaii Little Girl: “How come you didn't dress up as a Sailor Moon character for the panel?”

Audience: “Ooooohhhh...”

- during the panel; question directed at T.M. Chiba and Punkstar Amy (mostly at Chiba I think XD)



AB 09 was a good time overall. It was very rough for me at first and getting sick on Friday didn't help, but Saturday improved tremendously. :D

If last year Rickrolls were the big thing, this year it was Caramelldansen. o__o There was a huge Caramelldansen dance thingy in the middle of the food court on Sunday. Then a Pokemon theme song sing along right after. XD

It was nice seeing people again. :D I saw NOS, Chiba, and his gf. We also ran into Kitty Silver a few times. :) This year we lost Dejana to Anime North, but she said she'll be here next year.

There were no big problems with the reg lines. They shepherded people in those lines really fast. o___o Line Con is no more! The sad thing was that the actual badges were really bad. D: I loved the pretty art on them in previous years, but this year they were just... paper. D:<

I hope to see everyone again at AB 2010!! <3

Link to all my photos, except my private photoshoot: http://s185.photobucket.com/albums/x71/Teshgirl/Anime%20Boston%202009

Tesh : )